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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm Kat, but you can call me Smokey :3
Currently cleaning out my gallery ^^; But I love drawing:
Animals in general~

Roleplay? Just shoot me a note ^.^


You need to eat! .:TcotV:. by Smokestar11
You need to eat! .:TcotV:.

Okay, so I'm slowly getting back to being more active in this group again (because I've missed it woah) and I drew a lil thing with russetpaw and his bro for the long game event ;D 
So basically I imagined Fennel being the sweetie he is giving his share of food to his smaller, skinnier brother and russet eventually notices and flips out at him and stuff

Fennelpaw (c) TheClansOf-TheValley
Russetpaw (c) moi 
Happy Birthday Shin!!! by Smokestar11
Happy Birthday Shin!!!
this is horrible and messy and the anatomy is awful but
HAPPY BIRTHDAY :icontheclansof-thevalley: YOU POTATO
You're an amazing person and a great friend :3 thanks for sticking with me for all the time I've been in TcotV. Like you were so welcoming when I first joined, even supporting me when I could hardly draw and my roleplays were full of unnecessary drama XD (im so sorry to everyone i rped with)
But seriously thank you for being awesome and I hope you have a great birthday ^.^
TcotV - Shiningflame's development by Smokestar11
TcotV - Shiningflame's development
I really have no explanation for this
I found shining's old ref and oml I cringed so much I think I might have pulled a muscle
so this was born. 

Shiningflame, old and new, belongs to moi 

PRIDE VICTORY! ^o^ by Smokestar11
Today it became legal in all 50 US states for same-sex couples to marry and I'm so fucking happy! 
So I drew this doodle thing of Hollyleaf x Ivypool //need to upload my lil homo cats to TcotV ;w;

'It's Mine!' -TcotV- by Smokestar11
'It's Mine!' -TcotV-
"Finders keepers, cripple!"


Um so I hope this isn't late or something ^^; 
Anyway this is for the plainesclan/cloverclan prey thingy :3 Lousepad was selected to be stealing prey 

//Lil story

Lousepad had  been hunting since sun-high, and it was obvious there wasn't a scrap of prey left in this part of the territory. Well, he could go back to camp and join another patrol, to another part of their land, but that was so much effort. And besides... he could smell something much more tempting coming from the CloverClan border. He scented the air again - rabbit. And it was alive. 
Dropping to a crouch, he stalked through the undergrowth, crossing the border markers as if they weren't there. he heard a rustle in some bushes up ahead - there was the rabbit.
Licking his lips, Lousepad prepared to spring... But another cat got there first.
A ginger and white tom - an apprentice by his size - dropped from the trees above. Lousepad hissed in shock.
That was mine! His lip curled in resentment as he realised the cat had a rather disfigured face; half of it was scarred. In his opinion, ugly and crippled cats didn't have a right to hunt. Or live.
The apprentice looked pleased at his catch, and began dragging it towards a small clearing - probably the training place. Lousepad growled softly, and on impulse decided to follow. 
The scarred tom had a small pile of prey by his paws; probably a day's work. Well, it wouldn't be his for long.
I deserve to have that prey! I'm stronger, I need it more!</i> With a snarl, Lousepad dashed into the clearing as soon as the tom had wandered off to sniff out some more prey. Quickly he grabbed a plump rabbit and a mouse, then proceeded to charge out of the clearing towards his border, exhilarated. 
Lousepad heard the apprentice's yowls of anger, but what he didn't expect was to be clawed across his flank. The apprentice had caught up, outrage in his eyes. "Give it back!" 
Lousepad snorted. "Not likely, cripple! I'm healthy - so I need it more. Now go back to the medicine den." He spun round, but as swipe over the ear made him turn, snarling. He slashed at the cripple with his claws a few times, to teach him a lesson, then ran back towards his land. He sneered, knowing the young tom would probably be too embarrassed to mention the encounter - meaning Lousepad was safe. He'd be doing that again. 

I hope this is okay ^.^

Lousepad + Russetpaw (c) Me 
Hey again :3 Just thought I should let you guys know know that I'm back from my hiatus which was much longer than expected like 6 weeks woah
Sorry I was away for so long, I've actually missed this site and the people on it a lot ;w; So hopefully I'll be able to get back into the swing of things.
Also, lil note; sorry again if I seem somewhat distant or sad or something. It's just last week I was on holiday in Dorset - which was amazing - and I saw my older half-brother again, and I hadn't seen him for an entire year before seeing him then, if that makes sense. But he could only stay for 2 days and now he's gone again and I just really miss the guy .n. 
jc im so awkward at journals you can tell i havent been on for ages
Hope to catch up with everyone soon, especially all the TcotV stuff :3

One last thing, just wondering if anyone else has the the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series by Michelle Paver? I know no-one who's read them and I need someone to fangirl with |D 

Bye ^.^ 

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