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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm Kat, but you can call me Smokey :3
Currently cleaning out my gallery ^^; But I love drawing:
Animals in general~

Roleplay? Just shoot me a note ^.^


Name Ideas?? by Smokestar11
Name Ideas??
Another bitchy cat for TcotV ;D Probably gonna be in Thorn
Any name ideas? Something pretty or girly maybe..
You saved my life! -TcotV- by Smokestar11
You saved my life! -TcotV-
So I've been meaning to upload this for a while but because it's Valentines Day I thought hey why not? 
So this is one of Jinxed's moving up pictures - Interacting with friends or maybe more than friends ;D
It's part of a rp me and  xXoGhostlyoXx did which I'll post later ^0^

Ferretpaw (c) 
Jinxedpaw (c) Moi 

Minkfeather's Matchmaker by Smokestar11
Minkfeather's Matchmaker
Soooo yeah 

Extra Info~~
- She has been sexually abused in the past so gets scared around big toms
- She believes in bending rules for love, eg forbidden romance <3 
Minkfeather | MountainClan | Female | Warrior by Smokestar11
Minkfeather | MountainClan | Female | Warrior















:: Name: Minkfeather

:: Past Names: Minkkit, Minkpaw, Minkfur  

:: Clan: MountainClan

:: Rank: Warrior

:: Gender: Female


:: Reason for name :: 

.....: Prefix: Mink – For her soft fluffy dark brown fur

.....: Suffix: Feather – In honour of Featherjay



:: Starting age: 9 moons

:: Current age: 12 moons

:: Breed Reference: Havana Brown x Norwegian Forest cat x ???



:: Past Mentor: Pinefoot, Jaggedjaws


:: Current Mentor: 



:: Past Apprentices: 



:: Current Apprentices:












:: Written Appearance :: 

A young dark brown she-cat with a pale muzzle and chin, darker back and forehead and lighter streaks of fur in mismatched places. Her eyes are a smoky purple and she is often seen with a jay’s feather tucked behind her ear. There are numerous scars marring her soft fur and face, which can make her look ugly or scary


:: Body Structure :: 

Slim and small, looks more like an apprentice than a warrior


:: Size and Height :: 

Shorter than the average male, slightly bigger than an average apprentice


:: Fur Length and Texture :: 

Medium, with a longer undercoat, making it fluffy but not overly poofy. It’s very soft to touch


:: Noticeable Features :: 

Purplish eyes, feather accessory, scars


:: Scars :: 

The she-cat’s fluffy fur is mauled with scars on her flank, legs and face. They are mostly from the fox battle, though her belly, tail and mouth scars were received from Pinefoot to scare her into not telling


:: Scent :: 

Cool mountain air with a hint of flowers


:: Eye Color :: 

Smoky purple












:: Sexuality :: 


.: Orientation: 
Straight - but could change for a special someone

.: Looking for: 

Someone to love her <3

.: Relationship Status: 


.: Activity: 

Raped by Pinefoot


.: Turn Ons in a Potential: 


-Not judgemental


-Loves her for who she is

-Someone who she can joke around with


.: Turn Offs in a Potential: 

-Overly aggressive

-Someone who doesn’t listen

-Only wants her for sex

-Judgemental, only cares about looks

-Cold blue eyes – they remind her of her mentor

-Scary older tom


.: Currently Attracted to: 

No-one yet




:: Personality ::


[Free spirit + Cheerful]

I love the mountains! They’re so beautiful and free!


Minkfeather is usually seen smiling or being positive. She adores her home and often climbs up different peaks and ledges, loving how free it seems. She likes to see others smiling and will always try cheer a cat up, whether they are in her Clan or not. She strives to see the lighter side of life, and will often voice this view to others, giving them pep talks and motivational speeches.


[Caring + Kind]

You need to rest, I can fetch you your prey!


Minkfeather is always on the lookout for younger cats or elders who need help with their daily routine. She is often seen fetching prey for the queens and elders, and willingly does apprentice duties. She adores kits and finds excuses to go and visit them. She also doesn’t mind helping out the medicine cats (she is in awe of them and practically treats them like celebrities) as she just wants to see her Clanmates get better.


[Insecure + Depressive]

They… They’re right… I’m pathetic.


If you look past Minkfeather’s peppy outer shell, you’ll see the insecure, depressed cat she is deep down. She is easily discouraged and very self-critical, and although laughs off any insults they hit her hard. She desperately tries to mask how sad and lonely she feels for the sake of others – she doesn’t want them to get upset. During her abusive apprenticeship she retreated in on herself and has never seemed to have recovered. Although she acts so cheerful and light-hearted she really is a sad cat who is fed up with the world.


[Paranoid + Self-conscious]

I-I don’t think she likes me… Wait, did you hear that??


Minkfeather is quite paranoid regarding both her relationships with other cats and the dangers of the outside world. Although she will charge into battle with the other warriors, a twig snapping on a dark night can send her terrified. She is very self-conscious and again will try and laugh things off if insulted, but will get embarrassed easily. She sometimes feels like others are talking about her when they might just be enjoying a good joke.



:: Traits Overview :: 

[Free spirit + Cheeful] - [Caring + Kind] - [Insecure + Depressive] – [Paranoid + Self-conscious]



:bulletgreen: Good Personality Points :bulletgreen:

    -      Cheerful

    -      Caring/Kind

    -      Bravery in battle/able to withstand pain


:bulletred: Bad Personality Points :bulletred:

    -      Bottles up emotions

    -      Can be snappy/lash out when the wrong buttons are pushed

    -      Has a few trust issues with older toms

    -      Can come across as weird or depressing











:: Belief Levels ::

..................... :.: Belief in Starclan - High

..................... :.: Belief that Truth will Prevail – High

..................... :.: Belief in True Love – High


:: Strongest skill :: 

Endurance – Not only can Minkfeather run for longer than most cats, she can stay fighting for a long time too


:: Strengths :: 

Ability to withstand injuries – because of her thick coat and willpower, this she-cat can withstand more scratches, cuts and scrapes than the ordinary cat

Agility – Because of her small stature and slim body, she can dodge, roll and weave in and out of attackers in battle and can navigate her way through brambles or fallen branches

Climbing – she loves this activity and has a lot of practice. Her light limbs and agile body are perfect for trekking up the mountains


:: Weakest skill :: 

Brute force – look at the skinny little thing! Her body is simply too light to shove another cat hard enough to cause any damage


:: Weaknesses :: 

Bottling up emotions – she feels like she can’t talk to anyone about her feelings, so bottles them all up, which makes her lethargic and depressed

Trust issues – she finds it hard to trust others, especially if they’re toms

Low ground hunting – she tends to brush plants and stones so prefers to hunt from above


:: Fears :: 


 Never being happy again

 Being raped













.: Birth season: New-leaf



[ Pre-Birth ]

Swallowwing was a very innocent she-cat who happened to stumble across gruff senior warrior Gorsefoot, a big tough cat who all the girls loved. Swallowwing of course fell hard for him and he loved her. Soon it was to no cats’ surprise that Swallowing was pregnant. However, she wasn’t the only mate of Gorsefoot – moons before Swallowwing announced she was pregnant he had mated with Asterbloom, a beautiful purple eyed queen. Swallowwing, however, knew nothing of this. Gorsefoot chose to stay with Swallowwing, leaving Asterbloom devastated and alone in her pregnancy.


[ Kit-hood ]

Swallowwing gave birth to three kits, Owlkit, Sleekkit and Minkkit. They were all storng and healthy, though Minkkit was smaller than her siblings. She had a rather ordinary Kithood, up until Asterbloom’s kits were born when Minkkit and her sibling were 2 moons old. Her kits were called Cougarkit, Heatherkit and Goldenkit. A moon after their birth, Asterbloom announced that Gorsefoot was the father to her kits, causing Swallowwing to break-up tearfully with her mate, and Gorsefoot leaving the Clan.



[ Apprenticeship ] 

Minkpaw was assigned to Pinefoot as a mentor, a tall, flirty tom whose innuendo and references went over the innocent little apprentice’s head. Meanwhile, Owlpaw and Sleekpaw became ill from eating poisoned prey. Owlpaw suffered from high fevers and in a delusional state fell off a ledge in the mountains, killing him instantly. Sleekpaw and Minkpaw mourned along with their distraught mother.


It was also at this time where she met Featherpaw, a sweet male apprentice who she had a hopeless crush on. However, he was older, and a lot of she-cats liked him. The older girl apprentices told her he would never like a pathetic kit like her etc, generally bullying the poor she-cat, causing her to become sad and self-conscious.


Towards the end of her apprentice Pinefoot moved from flirting with his naïve apprentice to abusing and assaulting her. Minkpaw grew more subdued and quiet as she kept these terrible ‘training sessions’ a secret. Finally, on her final assessment Pinefoot raped his apprentice and scarred her both mentally and physically. Featherpaw found her crying, battered and broken still lying on the ground. She told him everything and Pinefoot was exiled from the Clan, and she was assigned Jaggedjaws as a mentor, the massive grumpy tom scaring her and making her paranoid.



[ Warrior ] 

Minkpaw was given the named Minkfur in honour of her fluffy pelt, but she couldn’t be happy. Her sister attempting to cheer her up, but she was still plagued by so horrible nightmares that even Featherjay curling up to her offered little comfort. However, Minkfur thought she would be happy when Featherjay confessed his love for her. He gave her a feather as a present and she put it behind her ear and promised to always where it. They had a few happy moons together before disaster hit again. While out on a stroll, they decided that maybe they were ready to mate. But before they could a fox attacked. It clawed many vicious scars on Minkfur and Featherjay, fighting hard to protect her, was killed. When Minkfur awoke she was alone in the medicine den. The only thing left she had of Featherjay was his jay’s feather gift. She requested to change her name in honour of him, the one she’d loved. The leader agreed and changed her name to Minkfeather















.: Theme Song(s): Our July in the Rain – He Is We



.: Hobby: 

= Climbing

= Exploring the mountains

= Decorating Featherjay’s and Owlpaw’s graves


.: Likes: 

+ Leaf-bare, she loves the snow

+ The freedom of the mountains

+ Climbing


.: Dislikes: 

x Nightmares

x Cat’s asking about her past

x Scary older toms


.: Favorites :. 

> Flower: Orchid

> Prey: Hare

> Activity: Climbing~

> Season: Leafbare


.: Vocal Information :.

- Idk like Rapunzel from Tangled

- Usually happy tone

- Gets higher when angry/shouting


.: Trivia Facts :. 

* She was bullied a lot when she was an apprentice

* She was the only one in her litter who quite liked Asterbloom and her kits

* She doesn’t admit it but hates it when cats kill and eat jays as prey

* Her feather is her most prized possession

* She adores kits












.: Grandparents: 

.......... -Father's Side: Rockytail (m) x Flurryfur (f)

.......... -Mother's Side: Starlingclaw (m) x Cloudtwist (f)

.: Parents:

.......... -Father: Gorsefoot (?)

.......... -Mother: Swallowwing (alive)

.: Aunts/Uncles:

.......... -Aunts: Brookdrop, Stormwater

.......... -Uncles: Streamspray

.: Siblings: 

.......... -Brothers: Owlpaw (dead)

.......... -Sisters: Sleekneedle (alive)

.......... -Littermates: Owlpaw, Sleekneedle

.......... –Half siblings: Goldenflurry, Cougarpool, Heatherstrike

.: Cousins: 

.......... -Female: Bushpaw

.......... -Male: Greypaw

.: Crush: Featherjay

.: Past Mates: Featherjay

.: Mate: No-one atm

.: Mated With: Pinefoot

.: Kits: 

.......... -Sons: 

.......... -Daughters: 

.......... -Adopted: 



:: Relationship Chart :: 

relationship chart (link please) 








:: Time Zone:
GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) 

:: Best times to rp:
I'm usually on most days, weekends I have access from 11am-6pm, Weekdays its 4pm-8pm~ 

:: Best Way to Rp: 
Notes - best way, am slightly lazy in replying, but will never say no to one of there ^.^ 
Comments - Second best, again I can be lazy but will always try and reply in good time 
Chats - This can be difficult bc of timezones but if we're on at the same time I won't say no 





So my note's have gone a bit messed up and my roleplays keep disappearing and stuff :/ So If I haven't replied to a note for a while, it would be great if you could resend it? :3 Has this happened to anyone else or is it just me...? ;o;

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